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Discover the ‘anti-aging’ beauty supplement that is revolutionizing the market

Discover the ‘anti-aging’ beauty supplement that is revolutionizing the market

16 Mar 2023 | GLAMOUR
It is Optimum, the nutritional supplement of the Galician biotech company Hyphae da Terra, which is causing a furor thanks to its benefits on the main concerns of well-being.

They act from within the body, where serums, creams and masks are unable to reach. The best part? That its origin is natural. But not everything has been a bed of roses. However, in order to reach this position, it has had to overcome important obstacles, most of them related to skepticism about its efficacy. According to a report published by the consulting firm Wise Guy Reports, in 2016, the dietary supplements market reached the not inconsiderable figure of €2.8 billion and expects to grow to €5 billion by the end of 2024. Asia-Pacific has the largest share, Europe is behind with 25%, while the third on the list is the United States.


In our country, more and more of us are surrendering to the benefits of these supplements that concentrate the best of each ingredient in a dose ready to take with you anywhere. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the favorite beauty products of those who know the most about beauty is, precisely, a nutricosmetic. Digestion, sleep, stress, vitality, immunity and beauty are all the benefits promised by
Optimum, the favorite nutritional supplement of those who know the most about beauty. A pipe dream? Not at all, and not only because it has become one of our infallible beauty tips at GLAMOUR, but also because Optimum is the result of more than twenty years of research on its potential as a treatment at different levels. Formulated from a combination of ingredients from the sea and the land, it is one of the most complete nutritional supplements that acts globally on the main concerns of well-being.

Behind Optimum is Hyphae da Terra, the Galician brand based in Pontevedra with more than 25 years of experience in the development of nutritional supplements from medicinal mushrooms supported by scientific studies and clinical trials. The result is an elixir of perfect fusion in which the most representative ingredients and functional principles of the sea and the land are combined to provide an overall beneficial effect on our health. What about its benefits? The first month you will feel more vitality, activity and energy to face the day. In the second month your digestion will improve and your mood will be more relaxed and stable. In the third month, your immune system will be strengthened, your concentration will increase and you will notice a more luminous, juicy and, in short, radiant skin.

The commitment to health and respect for nature are the foundations on which the business philosophy of Hyphae da Terra and its founder, Catalina Fernández de Ana Portela, biologist, mycologist and fervent defender of the power of mushrooms to improve our health, are based. “The fungal world is where the great molecules of medicine of the next century are going to come from. Think of the great life-saving drugs. The most important of all, penicillin, which has changed the history of mankind, is a fungus. It is an immense world to discover. Fungi have been around since the time of the dinosaurs and have been able to adapt. That’s exactly what they offer us, that ability to adapt,” he says.

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